Walking My Talk


Maintained a mostly Pesco-veggie diet

pre 1978 and on
  • Shopped regional and seasonal.
  • Used wax paper lunch bags.
  • Used refillable drink bottles and thermoses.
  • Made all meals from scratch. -no trash.
  • Bought bulk in paper bags at crate and barrel stores.
  • Cleaned with vinegar; baking soda; and Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps.
  • Refilled bottles at our old-fashioned ‘health food’ store with:
    • Vinegars
    • Dr. Bronner’s Soaps
    • Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Mineral Bouillon
    • Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids.
  • Used washable rags to clean.
  • Used washable linen napkins.
  • Made rag rugs for floors.
  • Used no air conditioning.
  • Owned no refrigerator. (I was talked into a small Energy Star one later on.)
  • Owned no dryer or dishwasher.
  • Hung all clothes to dry, either outside or inside.
  • Recycled / reclaimed old wood furniture.
  • Had a garden.
  • Rode motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and walked a lot.
  • Drove a manual 5 speed 1978 Toyota Celica GT, 24-34 mpg. (77-90, 13 yrs)
1979 on
  • Gutted and insulated all walls in our masonry home with an R16 value.
  • Insulated crawl space and attic.
  • Used thermal or wool window drapes, kept cold out and heat in.
  • Used passive solar energy -opened curtains to let heat in during day.
  • Used fluorescent ceiling light fixtures, with full spectrum grow lights for our indoor plants: 2 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms; 2 hallways; 1 kitchen; 1 laundry; and 1 office (the plants provided us with clean filtered air). Note: by 1990 all but 2, 1 hall and 1office, had been replaced, however, we still use grow lights plus large south and east facing windows for our plants to give us fresh indoor air.
  • Recycled everything:
    • Clothes -repaired, refashioned, recycled by using in sewing and craft projects, made cleaning rags, or donated.
    • Furniture -revamped, or donated.
  • Used refillable product bottles:
    1. Water
    2. Vinegar
    3. Deodorant
    4. Bronner’s soaps
    5. Bronner’s or Bragg’s liquid amino acids; etc.
  • Leftovers and scraps:
    1. Froze bits and pieces for soups.
    2. Fed to animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds: parrots, chickens and wild.
    3. Last but not least Compost.
  • Maintain several large Oaks for Wildlife. *They provide Our family’s share of Oxygen, and they’re natural air filters.
  • Planted apple trees, grape vines, blueberries and raspberries. We do share with wildlife.  *More Oxygen.
  • Planted a lot of Wildlife cover and hedgerows. *More Oxygen.
  • Encourage Birds for Pest Control, by providing Food, Water, Shelter.
  • Use Ladybugs, Diatomaceous earth and Milky spore for pest control.
  • Fought to keep our food CLEAN (Pesticides Out of the Food Stream)Mothers & Other, with Ralph Nader.
1980 on
  • Breast fed babies.
  • Used cloth diapers, sanitized in the sun.
  • Used low watt, timed motion sensor lights in all rooms.
  • Used some compact fluorescent and a few LED’s in lamps.
  • Used dimmable white Christmas lights on the ceiling perimeter in many rooms.
  • Used Recycled grey water for garden.
1982 on
  • Installed a new efficient oil burner.
1985 on
  • Recycled an old tub as an in-ground pond, and water for wildlife.
  • Recycled an old bathroom sink as a in-ground drip fountain for birds.
  • Reclaimed outdoor cedar plank siding and reused as attic flooring.
  • Reclaimed outdoor cedar plank siding and reused for Bunny hutch.
  • Reclaimed outdoor cedar plank siding and reused for Chicken coop.
1986 to 1998
  • Drove a 1987 Manuel 5 speed Hyundai Excel 25-31 mpg (1986-1998, 12 yrs)
1990 on
  • Installed new dual pane windows.
  • Installed new Insulated siding on 2nd floor of house.
  • Use a water-saving tumble washer. On our second one.
  • Replaced the dimmable white Christmas lights on the ceiling perimeters with dimmable LED rope lights.
1992 to 2005
  • Drove a 1993 Manual 5 speed Pontiac Grand Am GT 21-31 mpg. It got 34 mpg on long trips w cruise control and overdrive.(1992-2005, 13 yrs)
2002 on
  • Drive a 2003 Pontiac Aztec, 18 – 24 mpg. We get up to 25- 31 mpg with cruise control. (2018 – still driving 16 yrs)
  • Installed a water saver dual flush toilet.
  • Installed a water flow control shower.
  • Recycled an old bathtub into a raised bed herb garden.

Note: In 2009, we started using a room air conditioner due to doing home dialysis. The windows were not allowed to be opened, we needed to keep the room aseptic.

  • Installed new reflective insulating roofing shingles.
  • Installed triple pane, glazed windows on north and northwest of house.
  • Installed triple pane, glazed windows on the south and southeast.
  • Installed a water saver dual flush toilet in 2nd bath.
  • Installed a water flow control shower in 2nd bath.
  • Recycled another old bathtub into a raised bed garden.


There have been so many projects, hopefully I will be able to cover them and more in upcoming posts.

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past, and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle




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