Christmas Memories of Philadelphia…

Yesterday, all my memories seem so far away…

or should I say in yesteryear…
It was so Wonderful in Downtown Philadelphia at Christmastime.

Childhood Memories

All the Big Department stores…
Wanamakers, Lit Brothers, Gimbels, and Strawbridge & Clothiers, would have their windows decorated so wonderfully with moving Christmas scenes: Santa and the Elves decorating a tree; Santa and the Elves decorating a room; The Elves making toys in Santa’s workshop, Mrs. Claus baking; a Dog chasing a Cat up a decorated Christmas tree, as it wobbled, and the children in their P.J.’s with expression of shock shaking their heads; trains scenes, etc.

At John Wanamakers, you would ride a monorail over the toy section, where you would look down and see all the toys (to add to your list), then you would visit Santa. After that you would go watch the Wanamaker light show.

Last but not least there was The Enchanted Village at Lit Brothers, it was a room-by-room display of a colonial-era Christmas you would walk through, it ran each year from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve from 1961 to 1976.
It was first saved by The Atwater Kent Museum, later it was bought, and restored by the Please Touch Museum, where it has been on display for decades, but unfortunately it cost $$ just go in and just see it.

* However…
Some place you might still want to take the children in Philadelphia is The Dickens Village, it is a walk through of the ‘Christmas Carol’. Take your time to read the story boards, and pay attention to all the wonderful detail. It is up near the toy section, at Macys  (the old Wanamakers’ building), plus they still do the (Wanamakers’) Light Show and displays.

Philadelphia - Dickens Village in Macy's

“God Bless Us, Everyone”

Have a Happy Christmas – OmaEagle

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,                and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle