Easter Memories Eggs


Keepsake Shadowbox Eggs



This is the collection of all 4 Eggs in progress

I bought plastic shadowbox eggs, on clearance many years, um… decades ago. I thought they would make a cute craft, but, they just sat there constantly reminding me…  Hey, we are still here… What are you going to do about it?

I finally decided ‘now is the time for all good’ crafts to be completed. I took up the challenge to immerse myself into this quest, no matter how long it took.

I painted the outside of each egg a different color, lavender, yellow, blue, and an iridescent orange-pink. Then I plastic coated it for added shine. The inside I painted green, but did not plastic coat (I’m thinking now, I should have).

The trim around each opening is lace from my baby daughters Easter dresses, as well as the wee flower on top. I placed them on the spot where the lace came together. The pearlescent buttons were also from their Easter clothes.

Bird on Nest Egg

I glued a piece of styrofoam into the bottom as a flat base. The Bird is from another old ornament. The opalescent grass is the packing from a holiday gift. I was not quite satisfied with the look, so I added the flowers. I did like the position of the bird better in the first one however.

The flowers are pearlescent buttons from my baby daughters’ Easter clothes. I looped a green pipe cleaner through the button hole, twisted it tight to secure it. I then wrapped it with florist tape, making 2 small leaves for the bunch. The florist tape will help set the head into the position wanted. If you look closely you can see the iridescent butterfly (sequin) on the one leaf. I may have to tweak this a little more?

Bunnies Egg

I glued styrofoam into the bottom as a flat base. The base is twisted ribbon crepe paper. The Bunnies are from ‘Bunnyville Village’. The beads are odd plastic and glass beads, but, once again I did not feel that it was complete.

I made mini flowers with green pipe cleaners, mini daisies plastic appliqués, and a small yellow button from baby clothes. I pushed them into pony beads as their pots. If you look closely you can see the iridescent butterfly (sequin) on the yellow flower. I like it.

Easter Basket Egg and Flowers Egg

I glued styrofoam in as a flat base. The Easter Basket Egg’s base is recycled paper gift packing. The basket is recycled from another old ornament. The sign was from my ‘Bunnyville Village’, it was broken. The eggs to the side are my scout’s leftover iridescent scare-bear beads .

The Flowers Egg’s base is paper gift packing. The center flower piece is an old spring brooch with a broken clasp. The side ‘Hyacinths’ are lavender pipe cleaners, with four colored tri-beads with one glass bead each. I am happy with these also.

Easter Memories Eggs

  • My daughters are represented by the lace, flowers, and buttons.
  • Our family Easters, by the pieces from our Bunnyville Village display.
  • My Mother & Grandmother, the Spring brooch & the glass crystal beads.
  • They’ll be displayed on my Grandparent’s blue soft-boiled egg cups.
  • Last but not least, my specials friends, by the gift package material.
  • and my years camping with my Scouts by the pony beads.

I wish my phone took clearer pictures.

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I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,           and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle



6 thoughts on “Easter Memories Eggs

  1. I like the details you made – especially the flowers in pots and bouquets. If you decide you want to coat the insides, is that still possible?

    Maybe you could pick up a simple compact digital camera that takes clear photos?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you.
    I’ve been thinking about a way to do the insides
    without messing it all up. Small Brush, maybe?
    I will definitely try to use a small digital more often.
    I really like the small ‘potted’ flowers.
    I may use them in a ‘Pixie Garden’.


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