Ensign Thomas T Beebe… 1743-1792 Revolutionary War Patriot


I LOVE Genealogy… 

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Patriot

Ensign Thomas T BEEBE  1743-1792
5th Great Grandfather, DAR & SAR Ancestor.

Service: New York Rank: Ensign
Served under Capt Joshua Hall, Col Andries Witbeck

Thomas served under his wife’s Father, his Father-in-Law,
Captain Joshua HALL 1708–1789 -6th Great Grandfather
– another Revolutionary War Patriot

He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill where he captured a gun.
This gun is now in a museum at Scotia, New York.

The BEEBE family has been in America since 1650 New London, Connecticut.     He was born in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut,                                            and died in Voorheesville, Albany, New York.


Reach out and touch your Elders,

talk to them and take many notes, even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Where did they, their parent, grandparents live, work, etc. Ask about customs, foods, trades, don’t forget to include the hearsay (it might come in handy). Write everything they say down, it may come into play later.

Have Fun -OmaEagle



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