May is Prom Month


In May… All the flowers are in bloom.

and it’s Prom time, time to Primp, Preen and Groom.


Spring Prom is an especially important time for those who are Seniors.

Senior Prom is very Bittersweet, a culmination of a year full of “The Lasts’…   The last game, the last meet, the last show, the last concert, the last debate, and finally ‘The Last Dance’.

A final time to celebrate the ending of the years,                                               One Last final time to celebrate with good cheer,                                                 One Last shining time to be with your school friends and peers,                         One more Last time before all the tears.


My Baby daughter’s Senior prom dress.

She designed it, I made it.


In 2000, I had a challenge facing me, to make my Baby’s prom dress from a color sketch she had made. Hum… First, I had to make a pattern for it. Second, I shopped to find the proper, required color and materials for it, did I mention out-of-state? Then cut sew, gather, hand bead and rhinestones to make it . How did I do?

I  wish I could find her sketch. 🙂

Rickelle's Prom dress

It is hard to see the beading, and rhinestones.

JRD senior prom 2000.

She Loved it.


It made me happy to be able to complete this for her,

even though I was sick with Pneumonia.

The dress looked so gorgeous on her.


What do you think? -OmaEagle?

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


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