Apple Crumble Pie


“Apple Crumble Pie”


An old Mennonite / Pennsylvania Dutch recipe.


When I first started doing my Genealogy with my Grandparent back in 1965. My Grandmother Isabelle ‘Nanny’ said her father James Piearcy was ‘English’,  but my Grandfather James Mc. ‘Pop Pop’ said ‘No’, her father was ‘Irish’.

However Nanny insisted he was ‘English’.  So… here I am doing my research with my legal pad and 5 x 8 cards in hand, reading old newspapers, microfiche, directories, etc. All the while having ‘Great confusion’… English or Irish? :/

Many years later the confusion was resolved… Nanny’s father James was Irish, but Nanny’s mother Mary was of a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, ‘Dutch Mennonite line’, so any outsider was considered: “English”. Therefore when my Great grandmother Mary Adams Rees married great grandfather James he was called and considered ‘English’.

  • Rumor plus some history suggest that there was a shunning…                     The reason why her parent Mary and James Piearcy, plus Mary’s parents Angeline and John Rees, made their way over and down to the Philadelphia area, in search of better opportunities, to begin their lives & raise a family.


Apples were a frequent ingredient in old Mennonite cooking.


The Ingredients

  • 9″ pastry shell         (I’ve used graham)
  • 6 tart apples            (I used 5)
  • 1 c. sugar                  (usually was brown, but can be white)
  • 1 T. cinnamon         (some add nutmeg also)
  • 1/3 c. butter
  • 3/4 c. flour               (can also mixed with cut oats)

The Process

  • Pare apples, cut thick slices.
  • Mix ½ sugar w cinnamon, sprinkle over apples.     (some toss it through)
  • Put into unbaked pastry shell.
  • Blend flour, other 1/2 sugar, butter, work into small crumbs, with fingers.
  • Sprinkle crumbs over apples.
  • Bake 10 min. @ 425* F
  • then 35 min. @ 350* F       (35 to 45 min. until apple are done to your liking) We liked ours still crisp

In my Nanny’s original receipt < (how they spelled it),  the oven temperatures were not in degrees, they were in Low, Moderate, and High Temperatures. 😀

The Eatin’

  • We would serve it with a Hot sweet creamy ‘milk’
  • Can be served with Ice cream
  • some say to serve w cheese


apples waiting for crumble
Pared apples w cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top
Making the crumble
I did not crumble with my fingers
The crumble done
The crumble
Apple Crumble ready to bake
Ready for the oven.
Apple crumble baked
Done, top is a little off, but, it eatin’ Good   😀
Half eatin' Apple crumble
Husband is Lovin’ it


What are some of your families recipes?

Take Care, Thanks for stopping by. – OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


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