Apple Ring Fritters


An old Mennonite / Pennsylvania Dutch recipe..

Apples were a frequent ingredient in old Mennonite cooking


Apple Ring Fritters

The Receipt < (This is how they spelled it)

The Ingredients

1 c. sifted flour          4 lg. apples          ¾ c. milk          1½ t. bake pdr.                   2 T. sugar                   1 egg                     salt

The Process

  • Sift dry items. (together)
  • Add milk and egg. Beat well.
  • Peel apples, core, slice in ¼” rings.
  • Dip rings in batter, drop into skillet of ½” hot shortening.
  • Fry golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towel.
  • Mix sugar & cinnamon together, sprinkle over fritters.
  • Makes 16 to 20.
Apple fritters
Yummy Apple Ring Fritters

Hints, Tips, and Tricks

  • Use fritter as a side for any meal, as a breakfast, or as a desert /snack.
  • You can use any pancake mix batter, in place of ‘from scratch’.                  We use Jiffy baking mix, it does not contain Aluminum, and is less saltier.
  • Try Pineapple rings ❤

You can make pancake style fritters with any fruit, leftover veggies, potatoes or onions. Just mix into batter and pour, use less oil and cook like pancakes until done.


What are some of your families recipes?

Take Care, Thanks for stopping by. – OmaEagle

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