Recycling Clothes… 1

I Mean Really Recycling…

by donating, repurposing and actually composting them…

When we, the adults, outgrew our clothes and textiles, I would donate some of the good usable items to charities that actually help clothe and house people, such as Sal-Val (Salvation Army) or the Breakfast Mission.

Others I would repurpose by making new items for the home.

  • Big items: Patchwork bedspreads, blankets, rag rugs, etc.
  • Small items: Kid clothes, vests, scarves, hats, bags, throws, bath mats, pillows, pillowcases, seat cushions, clothespin bags, washcloths, etc.
  • If an item seemed too worn, I would tear it into cleaning and polishing cloths or gardening covers and ties.
  • I have occasionally composted them.



When the children outgrew their clothes, if they were still in good shape… I would clean and mend, then place them in bags marked with the gender, size and season.


Here in our area school district there were many children that did not even have underwear. (Sometimes it comes down to a choice… food or underwear?)

So I would also collect clothing from friends and neighbors. Jackets, hats, gloves, pants, tee shirts, socks and especially underpants. I would then process them, I would clean and mend, then place them in bags marked with the gender, size and season for the school nurse to give out as needed.

It was a labor of Love, I was Blessed with a Happy, Healthy Family, and wanted to share some of that warmth and love with the little ones of my community.  I believe in the ‘Ripple Effect’


We all can help strengthen our Community, one baby step at a time.

What are some of your ideas?

Check out: Real Recycling… Back in the day.

Take Care, Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


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