Walking My Talk

Walking My Talk … Just updated my ‘Walking My Talk’ post.

Oma Eagle


Maintained a mostly Pesco-veggie diet

pre 1978 and on
  • Shopped regional and seasonal.
  • Used wax paper lunch bags.
  • Used refillable drink bottles and thermoses.
  • Made all meals from scratch. -no trash.
  • Bought bulk in paper bags at crate and barrel stores.
  • Cleaned with vinegar; baking soda; and Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps.
  • Refilled bottles at our old-fashioned ‘health food’ store with:
    • Vinegars
    • Dr. Bronner’s Soaps
    • Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Mineral Bouillon
    • Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids.
  • Used washable rags to clean.
  • Used washable linen napkins.
  • Made rag rugs for floors.
  • Used no air conditioning.
  • Owned no refrigerator. (I was talked into a small Energy Star one later on.)
  • Owned no dryer or dishwasher.
  • Hung all clothes to dry, either outside or inside.
  • Recycled / reclaimed old wood furniture.
  • Had a garden.
  • Rode motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles and walked a lot.
  • Drove a manual 5 speed 1978 Toyota Celica…

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April Flowers 2018

Spring is Always Here                                                                                         With Flowers Around the Year.

Mini Orchid Frosty White

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere…
My Indoor flowers bloom year-round,                            My Hubby buys me bouquets most weeks,                   Plus from February up unto the middle of October,
My outdoor plants gave me flowers…

My Mini Orchid Frosty White
This Baby’s been in bloom since the end Dec. 2017,
He’s near the end of bloom, needs a rest until June.

April 1, 2018 Easter                                                                                                      I added these to my Collection…

Burnt Orange Lily
Deep Blue tipped White African Violet.

Some of the Flowers that have blessed my April.

African Violets, Amaryllis, Apples, Bleeding Hearts, Blueberries, Dandelions, Forsythia, Gil-o’er the Ground, Hyacinths, Jonquils, Lesser Celandine, Lilies, Orchids, Periwinkle, Pregnant Onion, Spathiphyllum, Wild Violets, Winter Cress.

The First Week of April

My Pregnant Onion sent up a flower stalk, it will bloom for at least 3 months.

Pregnant onion
This is it’s Flower
My Forsythia is open through gloom of storm & snow
My Jonquils
My Lesser Celandine
Periwinkle April 2018 week 1
My Periwinkle
Hyacinth April 2018 wk 1
My Hyacinth is really trying
My Kalanchoe is making an appearance

My Cardinal and Tiger Lilies are also coming up

The 2nd & 3rd Week of April

Wild Violets
Wild Violets
Gil o'er the ground April
Gil o’er the Ground
Gil o'er the ground April.
Gil o’er the Ground
Bleeding Hearts

The 4th Week of April

Blueberries April
Liberty Apple April
Liberty Apple
Liberty Apple
Liberty Apple

BUT… The Pride of My April Blooms are My Amaryllises

My Amaryllises grow 36″ high, and the blooms are over 6″ across.
I have had them over 45 years now. My Mama plant bulb came from my Grandfather back in the 70’s.

First Week of April

My Amaryllis holding their heads high.

Amaryllis AprilAmarylisis April 2018 week 1Amarylisis April 2018 week 1.

First Week of April

I have many in various stages of bloom. I have 4 pots with 5 bulbs.                          A total of 8 – 9 flower stalks, each flower stalk has 3 to 4 flowers
So perhaps I will have up to 36 flowers

Amaryllis wk 1 stages of bloom


Second Week of April

2 of them with 7 flowers on 2 stalks, & 2 more stalks to bloom yet.


Third Week of April

And the Bloom goes on, and the Bloom goes on.
3 pots, 3 stalks bloomed with 11 flowers, 3 more stalks to go.

Amarylisis Apr 2018 3rd week

Last Week of April

The Last plant to Bloom. 2 stalks, 7 flowers.

Amaryllis 4th

End Note:

Over the years, I have given many of the ‘Baby’ Bulbs to new homes.                   The Best part is receiving some pictures of them when they Bloom. 😀

Thanks for joining me again, I know it’s been awhile.

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,               and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

Aloe Harvest

Harvesting my aloe… halfway there.
Have some in refrigerator in baggies,
to use over the next 2 weeks.
Will be freezing some for later.
Will be preserving some with Vitamin C and E.
Will be making some mouthwash…
and I eat some… 

Filet the flat top, then trim the toothed edge.

Slide a large tablespoon down from base to tip to remove in one piece.
Remove the gel in one piece.
A large bowl of gel pieces.
A large bowl of gel pieces, the bowl in the back has the loose juice.
Temporary refrigerated holding jars.


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,     and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle