Our New Netherlands Dutch Line… 1623 Fort Orange, New Amsterdam to Penna.

I LOVE Genealogy… 

Minnie Adelade Willse, 1883–1952

Our Grandmother Minnie was born in New Amsterdam, New York.                   On her father Constant D Willse’s line, she is Netherlands Dutch and Mayflower English.

She’s a descendant of two of the First Original Migrations to The Americas.

The Mayflower Separatist (Saints) whom landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts in 1620, and The Netherlands Dutch with the Dutch West India Trading Company whom migrated to settle New Amsterdam in 1623.

The Netherlands Dutch Migration to Settle New Amsterdam in 1623.

Philippe Maten Wiltsee and his family were of the detail of eighteen families sent by The Dutch West India Trading Company to Fort Orange in 1623. He assisted in building Fort Orange and Fort William. The family remained at Fort Orange until they removed to Manhattan in 1626.


Fort Orange
                    Fort Orange, New Amsterdam


Our New Amsterdam, New Netherlands direct line.


Philippe Maton Wiltsee    (1570-1632)        9th GG father
Hendrick M. Wiltsee         (1623-1712)        8th GG father
Theunis H. Wiltsee            (1674-1741)        7th GG father
Hendrick T. Wiltsee          (1702-1794)        6th GG father
Gerardus Wiltsee              (1735-1800)        5th GG father
James Wiltsie                     (1759-1844)        4th GG father
Hiram Wilsey                    (1795-1880)        3rd GG father
Constant C Willse             (1824-1910)        2nd GG father
Constant D Willse            (1864-1953)         Great Grandfather
Minnie A Willse               (1883-1952)         Grandmother

Our New Netherlands linage traced back, thus far.


  1. Abeel, Jan – born 1593 • Netherland
  2. Baudertius, William (Rev.) – born 1573 • Netherlands
  3. Beekman, Cornelius – born 1528 Germany
  4. Croon / Kroons, Jan – born 1597 • Netherlands
  5. DeBough, Frederick – born ‘1600’ • Netherlands
  6. Huygens, Christiana – born 1528 • Germany
  7. Martens, Barbara – born 1570 • Netherlands
  8. Meyrinck / Meyers, Jan – born 1600 Netherlands
  9. Pinkeney, Thomas – born ‘1675’ • New Amsterdam?
  10. Slagboom, Antonia – born 1593 Netherlands
  11. Straitsman, Teuntje – born ‘1600′ Netherlands
  12. Stunning, Agnes – born 1557 Germany
  13. Ter Bosch, Sophia – born 1598 • Netherlands
  14. Van De Boog, Isaac – born 1677 • Netherlands
  15. Van Vleck / Van Kleek, Hester – born 1681 • Netherlands
  16. Van Voorhies, Sarah – born 1763 • New York
  17. Ward, Sarah – born 1715 • New York
  18. Wilsey / Wiltsee, Philippe – born 1570 • Netherlands


Some of our ancestors from this line.


I will post about Our Mayflower Line next


Reach out and touch your Elders,

talk to them and take many notes, even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Where did they, their parent, grandparents live, work, etc. Ask about customs, foods, trades, don’t forget to include the hearsay (it might come in handy). Write everything they say down, it may come into play later.

Have Fun -OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past, and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


Goodbye October…

October was Another Busy Month.

Filled with many Highs and Lows.

The Highs:

  1. We learned that our daughter from Scotland will be coming ‘Home’ for three weeks for Thanksgiving and into December. She has lived there eleven years, we have not seen her in three. I pray, I / we will have Good days.
  2. We got to attend several events:
    • Historic Market & Encampment Days at Washington Crossing on Oct. 15 Demos and tours, plus Thompson-Neely House and Bowman’s Hill.
    • Historic Bristol Day (Bristol founded 1681) on Oct. 21
    • 146th Annual Carversville Oyster and Pork Supper on Oct. 21
    • A surprise Retirement Party for an old friend on Oct. 22
  3. We got to visit, and dine with some friends and family from out of state.
    • 2 times with a young cousin from Arizona. There were 10 cousins getting together. Always nice to be with family. She was in town for 6 days.
    • 2 times with our best friend from Florida. She was in town for 4 days.
  4. We finished bringing in all the house plants and prepared them for winter.

The Middles:

  1. I am continually working towards basic good health, after the sudden onset of Diabetes due to my rejection medicine. This month I had 3 Doctors visits: one with the transplant team and one with the eye specialist; two blood draws, two weeks apart, and a lot of paperwork.
  2. I am working on increasing my walking and balance aided by my Rollator (It allows me to sit and rest as needed). I am making goals on my Fit-bit.

The Low:

We are very sad… My husband lost a dear friend, he had suffered for a decade with a rare peritoneal cancer. We know that he will no longer be in pain, but we are very hurt that he and his family had to endure for so long. I could have never and can’t even imagine it. He was one of the Bright ones, (a Bright Soul) he always made you have fun, smile, laugh, and feel good about yourself, even during his battles. See you on the other side my Friend, but for now, Goodbye...

Goodbye October…


Thanks for stopping by, and Thanks for ‘listening’.

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,   and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

Thrift Shoppe Finds


So Glad We Stopped into The Hospital Thrift Shoppe

We have had a very busy day on an emotional roller coaster ride. We attended a Funeral Mass in the morning. Then in the afternoon, we had to return to the Hospital to follow-up on some business from the week before. On our way driving to and from each place, we would drive past the Hospital Thrift Shoppe, thinking we should stop in there soon.

On our way back home, we had talked about stopping in, but said we said No, it would be too much, because we are spent, we don’t have the energy left. We decided to head straight home, and perhaps take a nap. However, as we were driving by, at the last minute, we said, “What the Heck, just a quick look around.” Boy, am I glad we did…

Here are our finds…

  • 2 Sterno Emergency Preparedness Kits, each kit includes:
    • a Sterno 6″ pillar that burns for up to 60 hours.
    • six Sterno votive candles that burn up to nine hours each.
    • two 7-oz containers of Sterno gel fuel that burns up to 2.5 hours each.
    • and  a Sterno folding stove, so you can prepare food over the flame.
  • A BBQ apron with tools:
    • A nylon apron / that becomes a roll-up storage bag.
    • A BBQ spatula with bottle opener.
    • A BBQ knife
    • A BBQ fork
    • BBQ tongs
    • A BBQ mitt
    • and 2 shakers
  • A glass cake stand – (we will use as a plant stand)
  • A glass serving plate – (we will use as a saucer under plants)
  • 2 small lead crystal candle holders. (for battery taper candles)
  • A small square apothecary jar – (for the bathroom)

Sterno setsThrift glassBBQ tools


All the above for an unbelievable price of… Two Dollars and Twelve Cents. 😀


But then he ran back in and bought… a 2 gallon thick glass water dispenser jar without it’s lid for only a quarter. (we might use it for fermenting)  🙂

Glass jug


Thanks for stopping by…

What do you think of our finds? What were some of your best bargains?


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,   and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle



Dark Shadows… Barnabas Collins


My Barnabas Collins portrait by Wm C Haines


When I was young…

I Loved watching the daytime  T.V. serial ‘Dark Shadows‘. On the days I could, I would race home from school to catch it on T.V., it aired from 1966 to 1971. I watched it from junior high school through to first year college – 1966 to 1969/70.

I also Loved…

traveling around my neighborhood on my way to and from the corner store, church, walking to and from the bus or my many different activities. I would always take the time to sit and talk with the ‘Elders’ of the neighborhood. We would talk daily pleasantries, and occasionally of their remembrances of their life and the ‘Old’ neighborhood.

One special man…

was old Mr. Bill Haines. In the long run, we wound up talking about my T.V. show, ‘Dark Shadows’. Every time I would see him I would sit with him on his stoop. We would talk about the day, the weather, and if anything recent had happened in the neighborhood. Then he would ask me about my show, and I would fill him in on the series, as he’d ask questions. He was so nice, and it was always a very pleasant experience. 🙂

One day…

he called me over and presented me with a present, saying: “I hope you’ll like it.” I was so surprised and elated I told him, (I think I yelled): “I Love it”, as I gave him a hug, and told him I would treasure it forever.

A decade later… 

I had not seen him for many years, because over the years both he and I had moved away. One day I was walking with my Mother through my Uncle’s and Brother’s neighborhood, when we ran into him. He was standing outside of his rented garage by the railroad tracks. My Mother and I stopped to chat with him, he was so much older then. Before we went on our way I asked him if he remembered the picture he sketched for me, he said with a grin ‘Barnabas’. I responded: “Yes, and he still hangs in a frame on my wall, and I still Love Him, just thought you’d like to know.” As he Smiled with a Beam in his eye, and nodding his head, he tipped his cap.


I never knew what became of Mr. Bill Haines, but…

Mr. Bill Haines, where ever you are…

I Still Love Him, and 50 years later he still hangs on my wall. 🙂



Barnabas is 16″ x 20″


Reach out and touch your Elders,

Where did they, their parent, live, work, etc. Ask about their customs, foods, trades, just have fun learning from the Elders around you, they can be living history books.

Have Fun -OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

The Movies of Your Mind…


At Least You Will Have The Movies In Your Mind…

The Hugs & Kisses, Cuddles & Giggles, Laughter & Tears,
The Human touches shared through all the years.
Overnight it all appears to be gone,
They are no longer your Babies, They need to move on.

They will grow and move away,
You will see them often in the early days,
Their life will then fasten its pace,
Their visits will be longer spaced.

You will hear their voice on the phone,
they will think of you when they are alone,
You might even get to SKYPE,
and see their face in their busy life.

A Holiday you might still share,
unless they need to be elsewhere,
But you are Happy for them, Yes indeed,
Because you gave the Roots, but also Wings.

You encouraged them to go and explore,
You told them there would be many open doors,
So out into the world they did go,
They will do well, you always did know.

The Special visits with Big Hugs and Kisses,
The sitting together and sharing of the stories times,
A reminder of the days gone by, My, Time does fly,
At least you will always have the Movies in your mind.

DRD October 2014

My Quaker/ Mennonite Lines… . Germantown and Montgomery Co. Pa.

I LOVE Genealogy… 

Marietta Hoxworth STAUFFER 1842–1930. My 2nd Great Grandmother

is of Swiss/German and Netherlands Dutch Quaker/ Mennonite ancestry.

Her ancestors helped settled Germantown, then, the part of Philadelphia county, that is now Montgomery county. Pennsylvania.

Researching 60 of her lines from Abbuehl to Yoder families from 1500’s on,

  1. Abbuehl, Jacob – born 1550 • Switzerland
  2. Adams, Heinrick – born ‘1776’ • Philadelphia now Montgomery, Co. Pa.
  3. Adams, Richard – born 1590 • Pennsylvania
  4. Anthoni, Michael – born 1572 • Switzerland
  5. Appli / Aeppli, Hans – born 1575 • Switzerland
  6. Bartholomew, Maria – born 1658 • Netherlands
  7. Batten, Dirken – born ‘1550’ • Flanders
  8. Blonier, Adelheid – born 1566 • Switzerland
  9. Bosville, Ann – born 1544 • England
  10. Burk, Mary – born 1700 • England
  11. Classen, Cornelis – born 1634 • Netherlands
  12. Clemens/ Clement, Clement Toft – born ‘1540’ • England
  13. Conrads, Gertrut – born 1670 Philadelphia, Pa.
  14. Custer/ Custard/ Kuster, Ololus – born ‘1520’ • Germany
  15. Denny, John – born 1515  England
  16. DeVossen, Jan – born 1570 • Flanders
  17. Doors/ Dohrs, Peter – born ‘1590’ • Germany
  18. Eschman, Regul – born 1633 • Switzerland
  19. Goebels, Alet – born ‘1565’ • ‘Germany’
  20. Gottshall/ Godshall/ Godshalk/ Gaettschalk
  21. Gouldy, Maria – born ‘1760’ •
  22. Grietes, Lysgen – born ‘1594’ • Germany
  23. Hendricks, Sarah – born 1626 • Germany
  24. Hiestand /Heistandt, Matthias – born 1633  England, of Switzerland
  25. Hitz, Jorg – born 1600 • Switzerland
  26. Hoxworth / Hawksworth – born 1697 • England
  27. Janson, Trinije – born 1648 Germany
  28. Jenkins, Jenkins – born 1630 • Wales
  29. Kauffman, Verena- born 1660 • Switzerland
  30. Klau, Anna born 1570 Switzerland
  31. Kolb, Dielman – born 1648 • Germany
  32. Leeman, Ulrich – born ‘1530’ • Switzerland
  33. Lehmann, Barbara – born 1561 • Switzerland
  34. Luthold, Anna – born 1575 • Switzerland
  35. Mears, Elizabeth – born 1648 • Philadelphia, Pa.
  36. Moyer, Anna – born 1689 • ?
  37. Nernon, Ann – born ‘1570’
  38. Oberholtzer, Elsbeth – born 1600 • Switzerland
  39. Op Den Graeff, Agness – born ‘1621’ • Germany
  40. Op den Graff, Isaac – born 1585 • Germany
  41. Opplinger, Peter born 1562  Switzerland
  42. Peiters, Driessen – born 1550 • ‘Germany’
  43. PfenningerAnna born 1548  Switzerland
  44. Questers, Walbergis – born 1575 • Germany
  45. Quins, Elizabeth – born ‘1600’ Germany
  46. Reiff / Rife, Jacob – born 1590 • Switzerland
  47. Roesen, Agnes – born’1600′ • Germany
  48. Rüsser, Barbara – born 1691 • Switzerland
  49. SchulthessHans – born 1544  Switzerland
  50. Schumacher, Arnold – 1590 • Germany
  51. Slough, Nicholas – born 1757 • Pa.?
  52. Smith, John – born 1686  Ireland
  53. Stauffer, Benedict – born 1556 • Switzerland
  54. Stauffer, Niclaus – born 1555 • Switzerland
  55. Strickler, Barbara – born 1648 • Switzerland
  56. Tanner, Annali – born 1592 • Switzerland
  57. Van Sintern, Hendrick – born ‘1600’ • Netherlands
  58. Vandermers, Michael – born ‘1580’ • Netherlands
  59. VonHaren, Christopher – born 1580 • Germany
  60. Yoder, Jacob – born 1652 • Switzerland


The Stauffer Family Lines


  • Ancestral Men of Faith Her 5th Great Grandfather (My 9th GG father)

Abraham Op Den Graff, signed the 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery. The first organized protest against slavery in the Americas was composed 329 years ago in 1688 by four Germantown Quakers.

Abraham Op den Graff… 1651–1731 Ancestral Men of Faith

  • Our Revolutionary Wars Ancestors Her GG fathers (My 5th GG fathers)

Jacob Cassel Kolb… 1745-1820 Revolutionary War Patriot

Edward Hoxworth… 1760-1847 Revolutionary War Patriot

Nicholas Slough… 1757–1834 Revolutionary War Patriot


Reach out and touch your Elders,

talk to them and take many notes, even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Where did they, their parent, grandparents live, work, etc. Ask about customs, foods, trades, don’t forget to include the hearsay (it might come in handy). Write everything they say down, it may come into play later.

Have Fun -OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


Dr. Bronner’s

“Healthy Hunza-Type Foods” by All-One-God-Faith, Inc.


A Throwback to My past…          Ah, My Past…

Some called it ‘Hippy’ others still call me the Original ‘Flower Child’.

One thing for sure is how much I miss Dr. Bronner’s ‘Healthy Hunza-Type Foods’, from the days of yore. I used and depended on his wonderful food products since the Sixties on up and through the early 2000’s.

In 1970-1972, I traveled around the country, I guess you could say I was ‘Looking for America’. I relied on some of them, especially the Balanced Protein Powder as one of the main survival food staples in my backpack. They kept Me and my Wolf Abe well nourished.

When I returned to a ‘Citizen-life’ they were a necessity in my home. I raised my Children and Husband on them. They slowly started disappearing from the store shelves after Dr. Emmanuel Bronner’s Death in March 1997. His children never knew the food recipes, he never passed them down. As far as I know, it appears as if they were all in his head, and there is no written trace of them. However, his children and grandchildren still do produce the soaps.


Dr. Bronner’s “Healthy Hunza-type Food

These are the ones I always used

  • Balanced Protein Powder            – A Great Survival Food. ❤
  • Balanced Mineral Seasoning       – Sprinkled on Everything
  • Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon        – Broths, gravies & a hot drink
  • Hawaiian Mineral Syrup              – A nice healthy sweetner
  • Carrot Calcium Powder                – Use on food and teeth.
  • Calcium Malt                                 – Sprinkled it on ice cream, etc.
  • Dulse                                               – Sprinkled on Everything


These are two I have left, and NO, I am not going to use them… Memories.

Dr. Bronner’s Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon:
All Vege-Amino-Broth Survival-Food-Base-Concentrate:
Contains: Soya Bouillon Base, Blackstrap Molasses, Vitamin C, Lemon and Orange Juice Solids, Soya Lecithin (oil free), Ocean Dulce, Papain Enzymes.
100% Balanced – Without Alcohol, Animal Products nor Synthetics! – Concentrated.                    Replaces salt, to season all food.

Dr. Bronner’s Mineral-Bouillon is 40 years guaranteed to duplicate our God-made natural sodium-potassium-chloride balance. For instant pick-me-up, use as a energy drink, balanced seasoning, or instant gravy. Enjoy 1 Tablespoon Bouillon in Cup hot water instead of meal. Also, mineralize carrot & other vegetable juices with a dash of bouillon.

Keeps a Lifetime if Undiluted!


Dr. Bronner’s Hawaiian Mineral Syrup
[1948 to ’69 “Organic Carrot Syrup”]

CONTAINS: Hawaiian Crude Cane Syrup. Vitamin C,
Lemon & Orange & Papaya Juice Solids, Dulse.

Enjoy Hawaiian Mineral syrup to replace refined sugar,
honey & syrup in Cereal, Pancakes, Tea, Coffee, Fruit
Juice, Milk, or alone with lemon in water.


We had to switch to Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids in lieu of Dr. Bronner’s Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon. No offense to Patti Bragg’s, we have always used her Apple Cider Vinegar, but it is nowhere near the same. Bronner’s was a Balanced Mineral Bouillon, and Bragg’s is liquid Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids made from Vegetable Protein from NON-GMO Soybeans and Purified Water. (Not Fermented)


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps 18-in-1 Hemp Pure-Castile Soaps

Back in the day, we would refill our jugs at the Health food store.

They are made with Organic Oils and are certified Fair Trade. We have used these Soaps for 50 years for everything… Cleaning our ‘Mind, Body and Soul‘. Back in the day, we would refill our jugs at the Health food store. We use it for our body, hair, teeth, and as a refresher. We use it to wash our clothes, dishes, and house. We also use it on our fruits and veggies. We have put it into foam pumpers, for ease of everyday use. But the soaps are not the issue here, his family still produces them, plus they have added Coconut oils, and toothpastes to their product line.

As toothpaste, I used to use the liquid peppermint soap with the calcium powder, now I make my own. Read about my polishing one here: Organic Deodorant – Homemade 

  • Peppermint is very refreshing and cooling in the Summer.
  • Eucalyptus helps keep the bugs at bay.
  • Almond is very refreshing and warming in Winter.
  • Lavender and Rose are both refreshing and relaxing.
  • Sal Suds is great for cleaning household items.
  • We ‘rinse’ our fruits and veggies in Peppermint.



I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,     and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle