The Movies of Your Mind…


At Least You Will Have The Movies In Your Mind…

The Hugs & Kisses, Cuddles & Giggles, Laughter & Tears,
The Human touches shared through all the years.
Overnight it all appears to be gone,
They are no longer your Babies, They need to move on.

They will grow and move away,
You will see them often in the early days,
Their life will then fasten its pace,
Their visits will be longer spaced.

You will hear their voice on the phone,
they will think of you when they are alone,
You might even get to SKYPE,
and see their face in their busy life.

A Holiday you might still share,
unless they need to be elsewhere,
But you are Happy for them, Yes indeed,
Because you gave the Roots, but also Wings.

You encouraged them to go and explore,
You told them there would be many open doors,
So out into the world they did go,
They will do well, you always did know.

The Special visits with Big Hugs and Kisses,
The sitting together and sharing of the stories times,
A reminder of the days gone by, My, Time does fly,
At least you will always have the Movies in your mind.

DRD October 2014


My Quaker/ Mennonite Lines… . Germantown and Montgomery Co. Pa.

I LOVE Genealogy… 

Marietta Hoxworth STAUFFER 1842–1930. My 2nd Great Grandmother

is of Swiss/German and Netherlands Dutch Quaker/ Mennonite ancestry.

Her ancestors helped settled Germantown, then, the part of Philadelphia county, that is now Montgomery county. Pennsylvania.

Researching 60 of her lines from Abbuehl to Yoder families from 1500’s on,

  1. Abbuehl, Jacob – born 1550 • Switzerland
  2. Adams, Heinrick – born ‘1776’ • Philadelphia now Montgomery, Co. Pa.
  3. Adams, Richard – born 1590 • Pennsylvania
  4. Anthoni, Michael – born 1572 • Switzerland
  5. Appli / Aeppli, Hans – born 1575 • Switzerland
  6. Bartholomew, Maria – born 1658 • Netherlands
  7. Batten, Dirken – born ‘1550’ • Flanders
  8. Blonier, Adelheid – born 1566 • Switzerland
  9. Bosville, Ann – born 1544 • England
  10. Burk, Mary – born 1700 • England
  11. Classen, Cornelis – born 1634 • Netherlands
  12. Clemens/ Clement, Clement Toft – born ‘1540’ • England
  13. Conrads, Gertrut – born 1670 Philadelphia, Pa.
  14. Custer/ Custard/ Kuster, Ololus – born ‘1520’ • Germany
  15. Denny, John – born 1515  England
  16. DeVossen, Jan – born 1570 • Flanders
  17. Doors/ Dohrs, Peter – born ‘1590’ • Germany
  18. Eschman, Regul – born 1633 • Switzerland
  19. Goebels, Alet – born ‘1565’ • ‘Germany’
  20. Gottshall/ Godshall/ Godshalk/ Gaettschalk
  21. Gouldy, Maria – born ‘1760’ •
  22. Grietes, Lysgen – born ‘1594’ • Germany
  23. Hendricks, Sarah – born 1626 • Germany
  24. Hiestand /Heistandt, Matthias – born 1633  England, of Switzerland
  25. Hitz, Jorg – born 1600 • Switzerland
  26. Hoxworth / Hawksworth – born 1697 • England
  27. Janson, Trinije – born 1648 Germany
  28. Jenkins, Jenkins – born 1630 • Wales
  29. Kauffman, Verena- born 1660 • Switzerland
  30. Klau, Anna born 1570 Switzerland
  31. Kolb, Dielman – born 1648 • Germany
  32. Leeman, Ulrich – born ‘1530’ • Switzerland
  33. Lehmann, Barbara – born 1561 • Switzerland
  34. Luthold, Anna – born 1575 • Switzerland
  35. Mears, Elizabeth – born 1648 • Philadelphia, Pa.
  36. Moyer, Anna – born 1689 • ?
  37. Nernon, Ann – born ‘1570’
  38. Oberholtzer, Elsbeth – born 1600 • Switzerland
  39. Op Den Graeff, Agness – born ‘1621’ • Germany
  40. Op den Graff, Isaac – born 1585 • Germany
  41. Opplinger, Peter born 1562  Switzerland
  42. Peiters, Driessen – born 1550 • ‘Germany’
  43. PfenningerAnna born 1548  Switzerland
  44. Questers, Walbergis – born 1575 • Germany
  45. Quins, Elizabeth – born ‘1600’ Germany
  46. Reiff / Rife, Jacob – born 1590 • Switzerland
  47. Roesen, Agnes – born’1600′ • Germany
  48. Rüsser, Barbara – born 1691 • Switzerland
  49. SchulthessHans – born 1544  Switzerland
  50. Schumacher, Arnold – 1590 • Germany
  51. Slough, Nicholas – born 1757 • Pa.?
  52. Smith, John – born 1686  Ireland
  53. Stauffer, Benedict – born 1556 • Switzerland
  54. Stauffer, Niclaus – born 1555 • Switzerland
  55. Strickler, Barbara – born 1648 • Switzerland
  56. Tanner, Annali – born 1592 • Switzerland
  57. Van Sintern, Hendrick – born ‘1600’ • Netherlands
  58. Vandermers, Michael – born ‘1580’ • Netherlands
  59. VonHaren, Christopher – born 1580 • Germany
  60. Yoder, Jacob – born 1652 • Switzerland


The Stauffer Family Lines


  • Ancestral Men of Faith Her 5th Great Grandfather (My 9th GG father)

Abraham Op Den Graff, signed the 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery. The first organized protest against slavery in the Americas was composed 329 years ago in 1688 by four Germantown Quakers.

Abraham Op den Graff… 1651–1731 Ancestral Men of Faith

  • Our Revolutionary Wars Ancestors Her GG fathers (My 5th GG fathers)

Jacob Cassel Kolb… 1745-1820 Revolutionary War Patriot

Edward Hoxworth… 1760-1847 Revolutionary War Patriot

Nicholas Slough… 1757–1834 Revolutionary War Patriot


Reach out and touch your Elders,

talk to them and take many notes, even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Where did they, their parent, grandparents live, work, etc. Ask about customs, foods, trades, don’t forget to include the hearsay (it might come in handy). Write everything they say down, it may come into play later.

Have Fun -OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle


Dr. Bronner’s

“Healthy Hunza-Type Foods” by All-One-God-Faith, Inc.


A Throwback to My past…          Ah, My Past…

Some called it ‘Hippy’ others still call me the Original ‘Flower Child’.

One thing for sure is how much I miss Dr. Bronner’s ‘Healthy Hunza-Type Foods’, from the days of yore. I used and depended on his wonderful food products since the Sixties on up and through the early 2000’s.

In 1970-1972, I traveled around the country, I guess you could say I was ‘Looking for America’. I relied on some of them, especially the Balanced Protein Powder as one of the main survival food staples in my backpack. They kept Me and my Wolf Abe well nourished.

When I returned to a ‘Citizen-life’ they were a necessity in my home. I raised my Children and Husband on them. They slowly started disappearing from the store shelves after Dr. Emmanuel Bronner’s Death in March 1997. His children never knew the food recipes, he never passed them down. As far as I know, it appears as if they were all in his head, and there is no written trace of them. However, his children and grandchildren still do produce the soaps.


Dr. Bronner’s “Healthy Hunza-type Food

These are the ones I always used

  • Balanced Protein Powder            – A Great Survival Food. ❤
  • Balanced Mineral Seasoning       – Sprinkled on Everything
  • Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon        – Broths, gravies & a hot drink
  • Hawaiian Mineral Syrup              – A nice healthy sweetner
  • Carrot Calcium Powder                – Use on food and teeth.
  • Calcium Malt                                 – Sprinkled it on ice cream, etc.
  • Dulse                                               – Sprinkled on Everything


These are two I have left, and NO, I am not going to use them… Memories.

Dr. Bronner’s Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon:
All Vege-Amino-Broth Survival-Food-Base-Concentrate:
Contains: Soya Bouillon Base, Blackstrap Molasses, Vitamin C, Lemon and Orange Juice Solids, Soya Lecithin (oil free), Ocean Dulce, Papain Enzymes.
100% Balanced – Without Alcohol, Animal Products nor Synthetics! – Concentrated.                    Replaces salt, to season all food.

Dr. Bronner’s Mineral-Bouillon is 40 years guaranteed to duplicate our God-made natural sodium-potassium-chloride balance. For instant pick-me-up, use as a energy drink, balanced seasoning, or instant gravy. Enjoy 1 Tablespoon Bouillon in Cup hot water instead of meal. Also, mineralize carrot & other vegetable juices with a dash of bouillon.

Keeps a Lifetime if Undiluted!


Dr. Bronner’s Hawaiian Mineral Syrup
[1948 to ’69 “Organic Carrot Syrup”]

CONTAINS: Hawaiian Crude Cane Syrup. Vitamin C,
Lemon & Orange & Papaya Juice Solids, Dulse.

Enjoy Hawaiian Mineral syrup to replace refined sugar,
honey & syrup in Cereal, Pancakes, Tea, Coffee, Fruit
Juice, Milk, or alone with lemon in water.


We had to switch to Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids in lieu of Dr. Bronner’s Balanced-Mineral-Bouillon. No offense to Patti Bragg’s, we have always used her Apple Cider Vinegar, but it is nowhere near the same. Bronner’s was a Balanced Mineral Bouillon, and Bragg’s is liquid Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids made from Vegetable Protein from NON-GMO Soybeans and Purified Water. (Not Fermented)


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps 18-in-1 Hemp Pure-Castile Soaps

Back in the day, we would refill our jugs at the Health food store.

They are made with Organic Oils and are certified Fair Trade. We have used these Soaps for 50 years for everything… Cleaning our ‘Mind, Body and Soul‘. Back in the day, we would refill our jugs at the Health food store. We use it for our body, hair, teeth, and as a refresher. We use it to wash our clothes, dishes, and house. We also use it on our fruits and veggies. We have put it into foam pumpers, for ease of everyday use. But the soaps are not the issue here, his family still produces them, plus they have added Coconut oils, and toothpastes to their product line.

As toothpaste, I used to use the liquid peppermint soap with the calcium powder, now I make my own. Read about my polishing one here: Organic Deodorant – Homemade 

  • Peppermint is very refreshing and cooling in the Summer.
  • Eucalyptus helps keep the bugs at bay.
  • Almond is very refreshing and warming in Winter.
  • Lavender and Rose are both refreshing and relaxing.
  • Sal Suds is great for cleaning household items.
  • We ‘rinse’ our fruits and veggies in Peppermint.



I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,     and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

Goodbye September…

October has been so busy.

I have not been able to post for 12 days. I have been kept busy bring in all the house plants and preparing them for winter. So, many of my next posts will be all about the houseplants that keep me in flowers all year round. But first…

Goodbye September

WOW… September was a month, filled with many Highs and Lows.

I am a newly diagnosed Diabetic…
I had a Kidney transplant three and a half years ago. I was told that the Rejection Meds, plus the Steroids, I will be on the rest of my life, will predispose me to Diabetes. Well for about three years, all was well. But then, after five months of failing health: muscle weakness, uncontrollable high blood pressures, coordination and balance issues, insatiable thirst, no hunger, excessive urination, then Thrush. I was tested for my A1C, rushed to the emergency room, and hospitalized for 4 days to stabilize my sugars.
Now we normally eat a healthy whole grain, mostly Ovo-Lacto-Pesco diet, but my meds. kicked me into full blown textbook-case Diabetes. I had Home Care Diabetes Nurses coming twice a week, and a Physical Therapist once a week. I now give myself insulin shots, I cannot use oral insulin pills due to my Rejection Meds.

I am slowly, able to get out and about once more, with the help of my Rollator.

The first week

Sunday the 3rd – Went to our Eldest daughter’s house for dinner and a shared Birthday cake with our son-in-law Kevin. We had a relaxing visit, then we were sent home with some of her homemade goodies: a pint of applesauce; 1/2 pint of peach preserves (great for lassies); strawberry-rhubarb preserves and rhubarb or cherry preserves.

Tuesday the 5th – My cousin Don and his sister, cousin Kim came by for a nice visit. Kim gave me a lovely basket of fruit: oranges; apples; kiwis; almonds; and luscious grapes (she even researched what I could or could not have).

Sunday through Tuesday however… I realized that I had been suffering from a silent headache. Which may have impacted my total enjoyment of these days.

Wednesday the 6th – The Home Nurse was here, BP had been running high 154/105 and 150/110, she called the doctor, etc… Crazy, I was just at the doctors 2 weeks ago and my BP was 110/70… It was so low, I had a hard time walking, I guess I am not use to “normal low”. 

That night I tried to breathe & relax with some of the wonderful gifts I had just received. My Lavender and Rosemary candle from my sweet neighbor Jessica and her children, along with some nice healthy munchies. 

Thursday the 7th – Nurse came again. -BP coming down 132/93.
I think I need some Xanax. 

Friday got to make some of my homemade deodorant.                                       \Organic Deodorant – Homemade

The Second Weekend

Saturday – I enjoyed a local town’s Bike Night Event, I was able to walk the whole thing for two hours, with the aid of my Rollator, that is. It allows me to sit and rest as needed. I even made my goal on my Fit Bit…

But guess what… my Ricco sent a picture, via bluetooth, from his phone to my computer, but instead sent it, via bluetooth, to my fit bit… I don’t know how, but he wiped out all my steps for the day. 

The Third Weekend

Saturday – Enjoyed a 4 hour outdoor concert – ‘Doo Wop on The Delaware’.
Sunday – Enjoyed several hours at the “Dog Days” Event and Car Show for a Wonderful abused animal rescue called “Justice Rescue.”

The Fourth Weekend

Another good one… Saturday, we went to The Greek Affair, a Festival of Grecian Flavors and Delights. It was held at a friend’s Beautiful Greek Orthodox Church. It was a very HOT day. But, I had my Rollator and could sit whenever and wherever I needed. Plus I carried my solar umbrella, so cool under it.

We met up with a couple of old friends, one couple could not make it due to illness. We had a nice Greek dinner together, sitting, relaxing, talking, and enjoying the company. I got to have a Wonderful Dinner: Lamb, green beans, a creamy risotto, etc. then Bakalava. Last but not least, a dozen Dolmas to go. 😀

To top the night off, we drove back to our friends house for a few more hours. We left there with an armload of homemade goodies: 8oz. each of Blueberry, Peach, and Strawberry Jams; Fresh Tarragon; and a quart of tomato sauce. 😀

A Wonderful, Yummy and Funny Day. 

So I am feeling Blessed with abundance,



I feel I’m still working towards basic good health.
I have been released from Home Care and Physical Therapy.

Plus the Real Good News and True Blessing is that our
Friends are safe from the storm…
Jesus and his family in P.R. and all our friends all over Fla.
I Love and appreciate you all.   


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,      and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

OCTOBER is coming…

OCTOBER is coming…
Crisp air, acorn rains, Cricket’s song, sadly wane,
Harvest Moon light, Campfires glow, all creatures start to slow,
Trees throwing down their leaves after their splendid show,
Pumpkin, hot apple spider cider, spice wafers and s’mores,
Oktoberfests and Autumnal harvest with goodies galore. – DRD 2014

Rickelle's full moon 29 Aug 2015 cropped


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past, and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

Pennsylvania Governor William Penn… My 2nd cousin 10x removed


Gov. William Penn’s Great Grandparents         Driessen Pletjes (1550-1645) and                         Alet Goebels (1550-1615)

are My 11th GG Parents…

My 8th Great Grandfather, Abraham Op Den Graeff and Gov. William Penn were 1st Cousins

Governor William Penn, Born 1644 – Died 1718


Admiral Sir William Penn, baptized: 23 Apr 1621- died: 16 Sep 1670

British Admiral, and Father of the American Quaker William Penn.


He was a parlamentarian in the English Civil War, commanding the naval forces of Oliver Cromwell. On Cromwell’s death he offered the fleet to King Charles II, and built a close relationship with the King. He captured the island of Jamaica from the Spanish and, as its first British governor, stripped it of its wealth, causing terrible hardship for its people. He loaned the majority of this wealth to fund the King’s building plans but, on his death, his son requested repayment of the loan. The King, having no money to repay this debt, offered William Penn land in America on the condition that it was named after the Admiral. The State of Pennsylvania (Penn’s Woods) still incorporates the coat of arms of the Admiral in its official State Flag.


With this Penn’s Woods land, Penn hoped to provide a refuge for Quakers and other persecuted people and to build an ideal Christian commonwealth. “There may be room there, though not here” he wrote to a friend in America, “for such a holy experiment.”


Penn’s cousins the Op den Graeffs, an old Krefeld Mennonite family, ‘turned’ Quaker were among the Thirteen Krefeld Emegrants of 1683. The first 13 families to settle Germantown, Pa., arriving at Philadelphia from Germany on 6 October 1683.

Abraham Op den Graff… 1651–1731 Ancestral Men of Faith


Reach out and touch your Elders,

talk to them and take many notes, even if what they say doesn’t make sense to you. Where did they, their parents, grandparents live, work, etc. Ask about customs, foods, trades, don’t forget to include the hearsay (it might come in handy). Write everything they say down, it may come into play later.

Have Fun -OmaEagle


I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,       and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle

Organic Deodorant – Homemade

My ‘Smell My Pits’ Deodorant

The Best Deodorant you’ll ever use.                                                                      One Try, and you’ll not Deny. This IS the Best.

Smell My Pits
ingredients: Essential oils; Tea Tree; 1/3 baking soda; 1/3 coconut oil; 1/3 cornstarch.

Quick and Easycream together

Cream together 1/3 Cup each:

  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Cornstarch (non-GMO)
  • Pure Baking soda

Blend in:

  • 12 drops of Tea Tree oil, then
  • 12 drops of essential oil of your choice:
    • Lavender
    • LemongrassSmell My Pits, 2 styles
    • Rosemary
    • Sweet Orange…

Decant into jars.

The jar on the left is this recipe.          This is the one I use for Everything…

The jar on the right is My ‘Touch My Skin‘ moisturizer.                                       This recipe is the same, with one adjustment. See recipe below.

To use, take a small pea-sized piece, roll it around between your fingertips to warm it, then rub it into your armpit. Repeat for the other side. In warmer weather I prefer to keep my batches in a cool place, or the ‘Ice Box’ (Refrigerator), so they stay more solidified. I prefer to use the Lemongrass and Orange essential oils.


Additional Health & Beauty Uses for My ‘Smell My Pits’ paste…


I Polish My Teeth… Once or twice a week, I put a large pea-sized piece on my toothbrush and gently brush my teeth and gums for a few minutes. Then taking a sip of warm water, I swish the remaining paste all around, then spit. It leaves my teeth and gums feeling so smooth and clean.

I Polish (Buff ) My Face… I wet my face with warm water, and dab the paste all over it. Gently rubbing the paste in with my fingers, I concentrate on the ‘rough’ areas. I let it set for a minute, or two, for the ingredients to do their ‘Magic’. Then I rinse off the ‘grit’ with warm water, or a warm wet rag, leaving behind a thin coating of coconut oil. I gently pat my face dry. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft…  It is an exfoliating buff and brightener. I do this one to a few times a week.

Anti-Chafe Cream… In the hot weather I occasionally need to rub a bit into my groin leg creases to keep me dry, and irritation free.


To make My ‘Touch My Skin‘ moisturizer:

Mix together 1/3 Cup each:

  • 1st – Organic Coconut Oil, melted, not hot.
  • 2nd – Pure Baking soda, stir in until dissolved.
  • 3rd – Organic Cornstarch (non-GMO), stir in to thicken.
  • 4th – Blend in the Tea Tree and essential oil drops.

Decant into jars. It may seem too loose, but it will solidify as it sets overnight.


The Magic of this mixture is…

  • Coconut Oil is:
    • An Antioxidant
    • An Antibacterial
    • An Antifungal
    • An Antiviral
    • A Moisturizer – provides deep and real moisture.
    • Great for Atopic Dermatitis
    • It helps strengthen underlying tissues.
  • Baking Soda is:
    • A Neutralizer – it neutralizes acids and bases, so it removes odors.
  • Tea Tree Oil is:
    • An Antiseptic
    • An Antibacterial
    • An Antifungal
    • An Antimicrobial
    • An Antiviral


My ‘Smell My Pits’ paste is a one pot wonder, makes for easier travel.

One Try, and you’ll not Deny. This IS the Best.

(As with any new product, test it on a small spot to see how you fare with it.)


Take Care, Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you join me on my journey, as I recount many things from my past,     and explore the many other creative possibilities in my future. – OmaEagle